Our Presenters

The professionals and presenters who deliver the program don’t pull any punches.
They tell it ‘exactly like it is’, graphically revealing the perils of risk-taking behavior from the perspective of people who know, including front-line hospital emergency staff, law enforcement officers, and victims of trauma who have lived to tell their tale.

Emergency Room Personnel

The program is facilitated by an RN with decades of front line Trauma Room experience nursing critically injured people and supporting their families through harrowing events. Who better to presence the reality of trauma for students, truthfully answer any questions they might have, and help them understand the potentially far-reaching impact of choices they make.

Edmonton Police Service (EPS)

Edmonton Police Service (EPS) Officers invite students to participate in a scenario showing what happens when impaired drivers are arrested. They share their experiences through stories, photos and video of motor vehicle crashes, and emphasize the importance of decision making and the potential for legal and/or social consequences of riding with an impaired driver or being convicted of driving distracted or impaired.


Volunteers of all ages and backgrounds actively facilitate in this hands-on program to really drive the messages home. They provide logistical support to presenters as well as guide students through experiential learning activities that simulate what it’s like to live with risk-related trauma such as brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.

Educators, Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton (SACE)

The Public Educators from the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton deliver a brief, grade-specific presentation that meets curriculum requirements. Students learn the Criminal Code of Canada definition of sexual assault and what does or doesn’t constitute consent, discuss and challenge prevalent sexual assault myths, and learn about resources for those who have been affected by sexual assault.

Injury Survivors

The Injury Survivor presentations are often described by students as the most profound experience of the day. Students hear straight from people who’ve been permanently injured about their injuries,, experiences and frustrations – the reality of trauma - see them as they cope with those permanent injuries, and ask questions about how they manage on a day to day basis.

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