Contract for Life

This is a contract to be used by a teenager and a parent/adult who care about each other…
Download the contract:

Injury Prevention Centre –Toolkit for Working with Youth

One-stop archive for youth injury prevention activities and information resources.

The Injury Prevention Centre is located at the University of Alberta, School of Public Health and focuses on reducing catastrophic injury and death in Alberta. Alberta-based injury prevention practitioners use these resources and find them valuable when working with youth.

Each resource in the toolkit includes:

  • a brief overview of the resource,
  • its target audience,
  • delivery method,
  • duration,
  • outcomes, evaluation (if available) and link to the resource.

Curriculum Links

P.A.R.T.Y. Program sessions and smart risk activities address all three general outcomes - wellness choices, relationship choices and life learning choices - of the Health and Life Skills Program of Studies for grade nine. (Alberta Learning (2002). Health and Life Skills Kindergarten to Grade 9. Alberta, Canada.

W-9.8 Develop strategies to promote harm reduction/risk management; e.g., differentiate between choosing personal challenges or acting impulsively, encourage others to evaluate risks.

W-9.9 Analyze and evaluate laws and policies that promote personal, community and workplace safety; e.g., driving, boating, employment standards.

R-9.8 Analyze skills required to maintain individuality within a group; e.g., self respect, assertiveness, refusal skills.

L-9.3 Use decision making skills to select appropriate risk-taking activities for personal growth and empowerment; e.g., increasing freedom means increased responsibility for consequences of choices.

Smart risk activities also have curricular links to English language arts.

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